Academic Awards Fall 2009
Academic All-American Southwest Conference (ASC) Awards
Fall 2009 - Fall Sports Teams

To be eligible, a student-athlete must be either a sophomore, junior or senior with a cumulative GPA above a 3.00.  Lists are in alphabetical order.  Spring sports teams only.
Dionel Alves SO Men's Cross Country
Audra Burnap SO Volleyball
Brittany Cardwell SO Women's Soccer
Allison Dietz SO Women's Soccer
Misty Fletcher SO Volleyball
Caitlin Gayle SO Volleyball
Holly Howard SO Volleyball
Ryan Maia SO Men's Cross Country
Tiffany Miller JR Volleyball
Sam Grant SO Men's Soccer
Alfonso Rodriguez JR Men's Soccer
Kaycee Westberry JR Volleyball
SU Academic Honor Roll
Fall 2009

The Athletic Department recognizes all student-athletes with a semester GPA of 3.00 or higher as members of the Academic Honor Roll for that semester.  Those who earned a perfect 4.00 GPA for the semester are indicated with an asterisk.  Lists are in alphabetical order.
Kathryn Adcock SO Women's Soccer
Candi Althaus SO Women's Basketball
Caleb Ambrose JR Baseball
Mason Arevalo FR Baseball
Juan Bonilla JR Men's Soccer
Taylor Bontz SO Men's Soccer
Jordan Brewer FR Men's Basketball
Gabriella Carter FR Softball
Genevieve Castillo SR Women's Cross Country
Rebecca Chiaro FR Women's Soccer
Kyle Grona SR Men's Golf
Kayla Gunstream FR Volleyball
Katlynd Imbody FR Women's Golf
Michael Kelton SO Baseball
Veronica Kloss FR Women's Soccer
Ryan Maia JR Men's Cross Country
Justin Martinez SO Baseball
Tiffany Miller SR Volleyball
Marcus Myhaver SO Baseball
Reina Perez SO Softball
Tyrie Prince SO Men's Basketball
Jeff Simpson SO Men's Soccer
Sarah Stillwell SO Women's Golf
Megan Terreo FR Women's Tennis
Matt Tomasello SR Baseball
Pete Trevino FR Baseball
Stephanie Viands FR Women's Soccer
Lacey Warner FR Women's Soccer
Eric Wehmeyer SR Baseball

SU President's List
Fall 2009

The President's List is the highest honor (semester GPA of 3.70 or higher with no less than 12 credit hours).  Those who earned a perfect 4.00 GPA for the semester are indicated with an asterisk. Lists are in alphabetical order.
Aaron Alexander FR Men's Basketball
Audra Burnap* JR Volleyball
Eric Crenwelge SR Baseball
Chandler Culbreath FR Women's Tennis
Simone Date FR Women's Golf
Misty Fletcher* SR Volleyball
Stephen Franklin SR Men's Tennis
Caitlin Gayle SR Volleyball
James Grasshoff FR Baseball
Alex Hammond* FR Men's Basketball
Trey Hernandez* JR Men's Tennis
Danielle Hoffman JR Softball
Holly Howard* SR Volleyball
Sarah Malone* SO Softball
Emily Meyer SO Softball
Genevieve Monroe SO Women's Soccer
Carol Pope* JR Women's Tennis
Rylie Pankratz SO Women's Golf
Lindsay Rutkowski* SR Softball
Kelley Spahn* FR Women's Basketball
Ashley Swallow FR Volleyball
Ralph Turner* SR Men's Basketball
Kaycee Westberry SR Volleyball
SU Dean's List
Fall 2009
The Dean's List (3.30 or higher with 12 credit hour min.) is the next highest honor after the President's List.  Those who earned a perfect 4.00 GPA for the semester are indicated with an asterisk.  Lists are in alphabetical order.
Colby Adolph FR Women's Basketball
Andy Bell FR Men's Golf
Ashley Bouthot JR Softball
Hannah Burleson FR Women's Basketball
Liz Calderon JR Women's Golf
Brittany Cardwell JR Women's Soccer
Jay Chapman JR Men's Golf
Lynne Collenback SO Tennis
Allison Dietz SO Women's Soccer
Marilie Duran FR Women's Basketball
Becca Hay SR Softball
Rachel Herzog SO Softball
Manny Longoria FR Men's Basketball
Abel Lora SR Baseball
Austin Loza SO Baseball
Tory Manchester JR Men's Tennis
Michelle Martinez SR Women's Tennis
Derek McClintock FR Men's Tennis
Kathrine McDaniel SO Women's Cross Country
Jordan Milberger FR Volleyball
Denise Pichot FR Volleyball
Alfonso Rodriguez SR Men's Soccer
Leo Rojas SO Baseball
Ayesha Safo JR Women's Basketball
Lauren Saunders FR Women's Cross Country
Michael Streeter FR Men's Tennis
Michelle Walton JR Women's Tennis
Parker Wells FR Men's Tennis
Jill Willis FR Volleyball