Academic Awards Spring 2013
Academic All-American Southwest Conference (ASC) Awards
Spring 2013 - Spring Sports Teams

To be eligible, a student-athlete must be either a sophomore, junior or senior with a cumulative GPA above a 3.00.  Lists are in alphabetical order.  Spring sports teams only.
Daniel Brewer JR Baseball
Callie Caesar SR Softball
Austin Carrola SO Men's Tennis
Becky Chiaro  SR Women's Tennis
Melanie Dean JR Women's Golf
Elliot Frey SO Men's Tennis
Teresa Gaitan JR Women's Tennis
Katlynd Imbody SR Women's Golf
Cheyne Kendall SO Men's Golf
Jana Masters JR Softball
Colton Mendenhall JR Baseball
Christopher Migl JR Baseball
Jordan Moody JR Softball
Ryan Pisseri JR Baseball
Reagan Reed SO Baseball
Kelby Ruiz SR Men's Golf
Kelly Rundzieher JR Baseball
Madison Scheidler JR Women's Golf
Kelley Spahn SR Women's Tennis
Charis Sultemeier JR Softball
 Caleb Veteto SO Baseball
Nathan West SR Men's Tennis
Chris Whitehead SR Baseball
SU Academic Honor Roll
Spring 2013

The Athletic Department recognizes all student-athletes with a semester GPA of 3.00 or higher as members of the Academic Honor Roll for that semester.  Those who earned a perfect 4.00 GPA for the semester are indicated with an asterisk.  Lists are in alphabetical order.
 Michael Arias  FR   Baseball
 Matt Barnett  FR  Baseball
 Brittany Boyett  SR  Volleyball
 Garner Burford  JR  Men's Soccer
 Callie Caesar  SR  Softball
Marco Carreon   SO  Baseball
 Austin Carrola  SO  Men's Tennis
 Christian Casillas  JR  Men's Tennis
 Alyssa Chapman  SO  Volleyball
 Grant Clark  SR  Men's Basketball
 Brice Conoly  SO  Men's Tennis
 Ryan Evans  SR  Men's Basketball
 Derrad Fawcett  SO  Men's Cross Country
 Taylor Finley JR  Men's Basketball
 T.J. Forster JR  Men's Cross Country
 Zach Garcia  SO   Men's Soccer
 Lonnie Garcia  SR  Baseball
 Allyson Graybill  SO  Women's Golf
 Tyler Guderyahn  DT  Men's Basketball
 Kristy Guerra  DT  Women's Basketball
 Alex Guzman  JR  Men's Cross Country
 Delfino Guzman  SO  Men's Cross Country
 Brittany Harris  FR  Softball
 Taylor Hoesen  SO  Baseball
Paige Horner   FR  Women's Soccer
 Barrett Houser  SR  Baseball
 Brett Keckler  SR  Baseball
 Johnavon Linton  JR  Men's Basketball
 Jana Masters  JR  Softball
 Adriana Mercado  JR  Men's Cross Country
 Ally Morris  SR  Softball
 Kevin Perez  SO  Men's Cross Country
 Lauren Prukop  SR  Volleyball
 Reagan Reed  JR  Baseball
 Zach Reichenau  SR  Men's Golf
 Kelly Rundzieher  SR  Basebll
Madeline Scotch SO  Women's Tennis
 Amanda Sorenson SR  Volleyball
 Charlie Stewart FR  Baseball
 Brady Tumlinson SO  Baseball
 Matt Valley  SR  Baseball

SU President's List
Spring 2013

The President's List is the highest honor (semester GPA of 3.70 or higher with no less than 12 credit hours).  Those who earned a perfect 4.00 GPA for the semester are indicated with an asterisk. Lists are in alphabetical order.
Lanie Alaniz JR Women's Basketball
 Kelli Bolen SO Volleyball 
 Jamie Burns JR Volleyball 
Ian Davis SO  Men's Golf
Melanie Dean SO  Women's Golf
Callie Du Perier SO  Volleyball
Marlilie Duran SR  Women's Basketball
Teresa Gaitan JR  Women's Tennis
Jessica Galindo SR Women's Basketball 
Kaitlyn Goertz FR Women's Basketball 
Brad Holmes FR Baseball 
Zach Jungman  SO Men's Soccer 
Jay Kruczkowski FR  Baseball
Manny Longoria  SR  Men's Basketball
 Michael Mazurek FR  Men's Soccer
Chris Migl  SO  Baseball
Kelcie Nesbitt FR Women's Soccer 
 Charlie Nunez SO  Men's Basketball
Ryan Pisseri SO  Baseball
Victoria Ponse SO  Women's Cross Country
Kelan Robinson SR  Men's Soccer
Josh Rodrigue FR  Men's Soccer
Jasmyn Rosser FR Softball 
Kelby Ruiz SR Men's Golf
Kaylei Sockol JR Volleyball
Kelley Spahn SR Women's Tennis
Shelby Spenrath JR Women's Soccer
Michael Stewart SR Men's Basketball
Charis Sultemeier JR Softball
Scott Teitelman SO Men's Soccer
Courtney Van Ness JR Women's Cross Country
Nathan West SR Men's Tennis
SU Dean's List
Spring 2013

The Dean's List (3.30 or higher with 12 credit hour min.) is the next highest honor after the President's List.  Those who earned a perfect 4.00 GPA for the semester are indicated with an asterisk.  Lists are in alphabetical order.
Colby Adolph SR Women's Basketball 
 Fernando Albiter FR  Men's Soccer
 Daniel Brewer JR  Baseball
 Shalon Bridges JR  Volleyball
 Blake Brougher SO  Men's Soccer
 Brianna Brunner JR  Softball
 Veronica Castillo JR  Volleyball
 Becky Chiaro SR  Women's Tennis
 Victoria Day JR  Softball
 Lizeth De La Torre JR  Women's Soccer
 Kaleen Dean FR  Women's Soccer
 Brianna Detwiler FR  Women's Soccer
 Grace DuPriest SO  Women's Soccer
 Logan Eckhardt SO  Men's Cross Country
 Elliot Frey FR Men's Tennis 
 Isaac Garcia FR  Men's Soccer
 Stacey Garcia SO  Women's Cross Country
 Jaemi Groves JR  Volleyball
 Bailey Harris JR  Women's Basketball
 Leanna Haynes FR  Women's Tennis
Michael Hormuth  FR  Men's Soccer
 Kaylynd Imbody SR  Women's Golf
Kelsie Jackson FR Women's Basketball
Curt Jaeger SR Baseball
Javian Johnson JR Men's Basketball
 Dillon Keahey FR  Baseball
 James Keener SO  Men's Golf
Cheyne Kendall SO Men's Golf
Colton Mendenhall JR Baseball
 Courtlynd Miller FR  Women's Golf
Holly Molenaar FR Softball
Bernardo Montalvo FR Men's Soccer
Jordan Moody SO Softball
Brooke Ohlman FR Women's Tennis
Kyle Patterson SO Men's Basketball
 Christian Pena FR  Men's Basketball
Tylor Rambeau  FR  Women's Basketball
 Greg Ramirez FR  Men's Cross Country
 Josh Ramirez FR  Men's Tennis
Brooke Sanders  FR  Women's Basketball
Maddie Scheidler SO Women's Golf
Jonathan Sicola SO Men' Soccer
Phil Stewart FR Men's Golf
Karyn Swink FR Women's Tennis
Caleb Veteto SO Baseball
ChristWhitehead SR Baseball
Tommy Xu SO Men's Golf