Academic Awards Fall 2015
SCAC Academic Honor Roll
Fall 2015

To be eligible, a student-athlete must earn a GPA of 3.25 or better in the semester that he or she competed in his/her sport.  Lists are in alphabetical order according to sport.  Fall sports teams only.
Jose Bernal SR Men's Cross Country
Daniel Gonzales JR Men's Cross Country
Logan Miles  FR Men's Cross Country
Nash Opperman  FR Men's Cross Country
Cami Carrasco SO Women's Cross Country
Kaitlyn Goertz SR Women's Cross Country
Autumn Sanderson SO Women's Cross Country
Shelby Spenrath  SR Women's Cross Country/Soccer
Brandy Baughman JR Men's Soccer
Jose Bernal SR Men's Soccer
Ethan Gregory JR Men's Soccer
Gregg Gutierrez SO Men's Soccer
Josh Herring  SR Men's Soccer
Brian Lindsey  JR Men's Soccer
Manny Losoya  SR Men's Soccer
Eddie Martinez  FR Men's Soccer
Bernardo Montalvo  SR Men's Soccer
Dakota Pebworth  JR Men's Soccer
Dalton Reid  JR Men's Soccer
Chase Smith  JR Men's Soccer
Jacob Williams  SO Men's Soccer
Nathan Wood JR Men's Soccer
Ruth Blackburn SO Women's Soccer
Marta Burk  FR Women's Soccer
Brianna Detwiler  SR Women's Soccer
Lindsey Fitz  FR Women's Soccer
Ashley Foster  SO Women's Soccer
Alex Gill  JR Women's Soccer
Sarah Hrehor  JR Women's Soccer
Kayla McConnell  SO Women's Soccer
Megan Morant  SO Women's Soccer
Delaney Morrow  SO Women's Soccer
Alexis Overdiek  SO Women's Soccer
Rayna Pearson  FR Women's Soccer
Natalie Requenez  SR Women's Soccer
Jennifer Trevino  FR Women's Soccer
Lindsey Calderon  FR Volleyball
Alyssa Chapman  SR Volleyball
Mallory Dunn  SO Volleyball
Ashley Myers  SO Volleyball
Caitlin Otten  SR Volleyball
Courtney Reopelle  JR Volleyball
 Alexandra Sanchez  JR  Volleyball
 Nichole West SO  Volleyball

Courtney Reopelle  

Jon SicolaChase SmithKaylei SockolS