Athletic Alumni

Athletic Alumni:  Women's Tennis

Welcome former Schreiner Women's Tennis team members, family and/or friends.  We are attempting to compile a list of former student-athletes.  As you can see, this list is far from complete (and for some of those we have, we're missing your graduation year info).  If your name is on the list, that means that we have a mailing address (and hopefully a telephone number) for you.  If you don't see your name or we don't have your graduation date, please contact us.  Thank you and Go Mountaineers!
Schreiner Tennis Alumni Tourney 2014

Name Grad Year Name Grad Year
Argust, Bree  1997 Johanson, Sarah  1996
Baca, Cassie    1991 Jones, Leslie  2007 
Benavides, Cecilia  1999 Leggett, Jennifer    1992 
Bernstein, Julie    1979 Lusinger, Tammy  1990 
Bienczycka, Susan    1996  Meares, Karan  1975 
Bogler, Megan 2005  Overall, Amber  2005 
Boles, Annette   1997  Palmer, Delilah  2004 
Castillo, Janda  1992  Pehl-Farris, Christine  2001 
Castillo, Tracy    2005  Rauschuber, Beth  2003 
Caylor, Amber  2001  Rawlins, Jo A.  1978 
Chapman, Teresa    1985  Reed, Stephanie  2009 
Cloud, Rebecca  2003  Robinson, Angela 1989 
Cox, Emily  2006  Santiago, Patty  2007 
Craft, Candace    1990  Schlesinger, Wendi  1999 
Dempsey, Vicki  2000  Sebek, Connie  1996 
Fichter, B. L.  1992  Silvas, Vickie  1993 
Garza, Rosie    1974  Smith, Amanda  2005 
Grijalba, Tracy 2005 Stanford, Lindsay 2003