Drug Testing Information

Schreiner University does not tolerate the use of banned or illegal drugs by student-athletes.  Substance abuse poses a danger to the health and safety of all student-athletes.  Furthermore, substance abuse damages the integrity and reputation of all students, faculty, staff and administrators of Schreiner University.  Therefore, it is the intent of this policy to deter the use of all substances prohibited by Schreiner University and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.  All personnel within the athletics department are required to cooperate with the administration of the drug-testing program.  This program will operate in a consistent manner.

All enrolled Schreiner student-athletes will be subject to random, mandatory drug testing.  Drug-testing may be conducted on all student-athletes at any time (pre-season, in-season, post-season, out-of-season).  Testing may also be performed at any time “for cause” at the discretion of the athletic director in consultation with staff.  “For cause” samplings may occur separately or concurrently with the random selections.  Student-athletes will have a maximum of 24 hours notice before testing time.

If the presence of a banned substance is confirmed, the Head Athletic Trainer will contact the Athletics Director, the student-athlete involved and notify the Head Coach and the Director of Student Health.  Failure to show-up for a drug testing will be recorded as a positive test.

2017-18 SU Student Athlete Drug Testing Policy