***Important Information for All Parents, Incoming/Returning Players, and Coaches***

It is the policy of Schreiner University to require all student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics to be covered under a primary insurance policy, and to provide proof of coverage prior to participating in any organized athletic activity (practice, games, strength training, etc.).

In the event that a student-athlete incurs an injury (not an illness) directly related to his or her participation on a Schreiner athletic team, the student’s primary insurance will be billed first. If there are any remaining expenses after the primary insurance has been billed, then the University has an athletic accident insurance plan that will cover the remaining costs as outlined by its particular limitations, requirements, and qualifications. To request further information regarding how the plan works, what is covered, and any exclusions or limitations, please contact  For more information on Schreiner University's secondary coverage plan, please visit this link:

If you do receive a bill in regards to treatment rendered as the result of an athletic injury, please forward the information as soon as possible to the Athletic Training Staff. If the bill is relevant, and covered under the University’s plan, then all attempts will be made to resolve the balance.