Sickle Cell Information

The NCAA now requires that all new and returning student-athletes report a Sickle Cell Trait result.  This requirement can be met in one of the following ways:

1. If born in the State of Texas:  the form that you need to access your information is part of the Pre-Participation link on the Forms page.  Fill out and submit this page with your other required forms.

2.  If born outside the State of Texas: contact your primary physician or pediatrician to obtain your results.  You do not need to fill out the Sickle Cell form in your pre-participation package.

3.  Waive Out Option:  the NCAA allows student-athletes the option of waiving out of testing for any reason.  More information on this option will be available after August 1.

For more information, the NCAA has created the following brief video on Sickle Cell Trait along with an information sheet.  Click here for YouTube video.  Click here for information sheet.