2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Texas Lutheran vs. Schreiner
  Date: Oct 15, 2017 • Site: Kerrville, TX

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
 Foul on Schreiner.
 Foul on Texas Lutheran.
[86:28]  SCH-W substitution: Laura Atzeni for Catalina Reyes.
[86:28]  SCH-W substitution: Julia Revils for Victoria Favela.
 Foul on Schreiner.
[84:51]  SCH-W substitution: Delaney Morrow for Julia Revils.
 Corner kick by TLU-WOM Bailey Nimtz [84:26].
 Foul on Schreiner.
[78:30]  TLU-WOM substitution: Leslie Flores for Jessica Coronado.
[76:57]  SCH-W substitution: Chloe Luna for Cailee Morgan.
[74:51]  TLU-WOM substitution: Jaclyn Smolik for Calista Goode.
[74:51]  SCH-W substitution: Victoria Favela for Delaney Morrow.
[74:51]  SCH-W substitution: Catalina Reyes for Laura Atzeni.
 Foul on Texas Lutheran.
[72:50]  Shot by TLU-WOM Sara Gribbon WIDE LEFT.
[72:28]  Shot by TLU-WOM Raquel Morris BLOCKED.
[70:56]  SCH-W substitution: Bethany Perez for Dani Loeblein.
[69:34]  SCH-W substitution: Kayla Mullen for Ruth Blackburn.
 Foul on Schreiner.
[68:09]  TLU-WOM substitution: Raquel Morris for Tanya Prazelini.
[68:09]  TLU-WOM substitution: Sara Gribbon for Jaclyn Smolik.
[68:09]  TLU-WOM substitution: Jessica Coronado for Bryn Schleyer.
[66:42]  Shot by SCH-W Delaney Morrow, SAVE Stephanie Barrientos.
 Foul on Schreiner.
 Foul on Texas Lutheran.
[60:14]  TLU-WOM substitution: Calista Goode for Katie Morton.
[59:56]  Shot by TLU-WOM Tanya Prazelini WIDE LEFT.
 Foul on Schreiner.
 Foul on Schreiner.
[57:42]  Shot by SCH-W Lindsey Fitz, SAVE Stephanie Barrientos.
 Corner kick by SCH-W Ruth Blackburn [57:03].
[53:22]  TLU-WOM substitution: Kennedy Jobe for Madison Murphy.
[53:22]  TLU-WOM substitution: Tanya Prazelini for Raquel Morris.
[53:13]  Shot by SCH-W Laura Atzeni WIDE LEFT.
 Foul on Texas Lutheran.
 Foul on Schreiner.
[47:42]  Shot by TLU-WOM Aubrie Wells HIGH.
[46:29]  Shot by SCH-W Ruth Blackburn, SAVE Stephanie Barrientos.
[45:00]  Jordin Toso at goalie for Schreiner.
[45:00]  Stephanie Barrientos at goalie for Texas Lutheran.
 For TLU-WOM: #1 Stephanie Barrientos, #2 Bailey Nimtz, #3 Aubrie Wells, #4 Mikayla Wallace, #7 Jaclyn Smolik, #10 Katie Morton, #11 Bryn Schleyer, #16 Raquel Morris, #17 April Sulaica, #21 Mariela Candelario, #24 Madison Murphy.
 For SCH-W: #0 Jordin Toso, #3 Alex Gill, #5 Lexi Ihrig, #6 Chloe Luna, #11 Delaney Morrow, #12 Dani Loeblein, #20 Julia Revils, #21 Tierra Wirick, #25 Cailee Morgan, #26 Ruth Blackburn, #28 Lindsey Fitz.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].